FTC 255 Disclosure

Many of you may not know [because blogger compliance is terribly low], but as esteemed (Ha!) members of the online community, bloggers who write about the products they use are required under federal regulation to disclose any and all sponsorships or benefits conferred upon us by manufacturers, so as to ensure that you know when an author may have ulterior motives in recommending said product.

While I am not now nor have I ever been sponsored by a company, I do want to let you know the following in order to make clear any bias in the things which I'll say on this blog. Most generally, though, while I'll appreciate anything which a company wants to send me to play with, I have far too great a respect for personal integrity to allow my opinion to be biased by its being free. As they say, a polished turd is still a turd. By corollary, free crap is still crap.

In any case, potentially relevant disclosures are as follows:
  • I received a few small Kata pouches from my Manfrotto representative.  While I believe that it had more to do with my having amassed a ridiculous collection of their full-size bags than with swaying my (already decidedly positive) opinion, they were provided to me gratis.
  • I received a free copy of the Imagenomic plugin suite while attending a photographic + retouching workshop.  It was a doorprize drawing sort of thing and happened by chance vs. by design, but again, it was free.
  • That it.  I'm pretty boring and get no manufacturer love :).