When the Channels Come Marching Home Again...

02 November 2010

I was having a conversation with my friend Natalia Taffarel last night when she brought up the utility of automatically generating many of the possible channels which we can use to mask, correct color, etc. And since it's the cool thing to do (everyone makes a set!) I decided to be cool too. It probably won't make me as cool as if I finally paid attention to Facebook, but hey, it's a start :).

The first edition - linked below - will generate 12 additional channels of your image (for a total of 15, coming from RGB):
  1. Hue ("H")
  2. HSL Saturation ("HSL - S")
  3. HSL Lightness ("HSL - L")
  4. HSB Saturation ("HSB - S")
  5. HSB Brightness ("HSB - B")
  6. LAB Lightness ("L")
  7. LAB A ("a")
  8. LAB B ("b")
  9. Cyan ("C")
  10. Magenta ("M")
  11. Yellow ("Y")
  12. Black ("K")
The only reason that my action is different than the other 3 or 4 you probably already have is that it uses the gamut-preserving CMYK-in-RGB method which I wrote about previously, giving you full detail in your added channels without worrying about gamut clipping.

Please note: This action set requires the HSB / HSL optional plugin which can be found on your Photoshop DVD or downloaded from Adobe support.

Late this week or early next I'll finish up a second set so that you can get the channels out individually if you like vs. having to go all or nothing.

So without further ado, I give you... the 15 Channel Salute!

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LewLorton said...

This, and prior posts by Sean, make me uncomfortably aware that I know essentially nothing about retouching.