Oh Sweet Relief

25 September 2008

So the quiz that I was supposed to have tomorrow and which I'd not yet begun to adequately prepare for? Has been postponed 1.5 weeks. Now normally (this year at least) I wouldn't be so excited, but the past week has been seemingly endless. You see, Sarah's car randomly decided to stop working on Monday evening, resulting in a 6 hour long ordeal of trying to get the thing started, then towed, and finally getting home so that we could get ~4 hrs sleep before I needed to drive her back up to work so that I could be in class by 0730 Tuesday. It was fun. Oh, but I still needed to back up to Meade Tuesday afternoon (the car was fixed by then), still had a patient writeup to do (a planned Monday evening event), and of course had groupwork due Wednesday and a quiz Thursday. So, not having a quiz tomorrow? Is priceless. There's still some stuff to catch up on, but at least I can get a reasonable night's sleep tonight before a long school day tomorrow. TGIF.

The picture above is completely unrelated and is simply to remind me that I owe another photog some feedback on a picture. The actual photo above is from a DC United match some time ago. Duelling is great, of course, but my personal preference is to catch them chimping.

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