21 September 2008

Any self-respecting blog has to start out with a post about what I'm doing with it, right? Well, right or wrong, that's what you're going to get.

Things I will discuss:
  • Life
  • Photography
  • Soccer
  • Rants
  • School
  • The Universe
  • Everything (else)
Things I won't discuss:
  • Politics
  • Policy (well, most of the time)
  • Religion (again, mostly)
Why? Because I want you to keep reading. My aim is to both generate an outlet for random frustrations while at the same time providing information about photography that just isn't easily found elsewhere. It drives me nuts that so many successful photogs will develop their 'style' but reveal nothing about this to all the people whom they learned with and from for so long. Not here. Want to know something? Ask and I'll answer. Ask anything, seriously. Setec Astronomy is good for no one.

Bonus points to the first person outside of family who identifies the reference in comments below. Points aren't tracked, but they definitely make you cooler. Even better than Converse shoes. I'm serious.


conjure1 said...

I read your posts on MM. I haven't registered there, I keep forgetting, but I find that your posts are always rich with information; even though most of the times I can't understand what you're talking about, but I intend to persevere, especially in the areas of skin retouching and sharpening, and I'm sure by some time, your posts will be quite useful for me.
On another note, who are you supporting in the World Cup this year? :D
I want Spain to win this year, or the Netherlands, but I want some change to the usual Brazil, Germany, Italia...

Anonymous said...

+1 of the above. I've run across many of your explanations but I like your work allot. Will be following your blog here and understanding some of it.