Oh Sweet Relief

25 September 2008

So the quiz that I was supposed to have tomorrow and which I'd not yet begun to adequately prepare for? Has been postponed 1.5 weeks. Now normally (this year at least) I wouldn't be so excited, but the past week has been seemingly endless. You see, Sarah's car randomly decided to stop working on Monday evening, resulting in a 6 hour long ordeal of trying to get the thing started, then towed, and finally getting home so that we could get ~4 hrs sleep before I needed to drive her back up to work so that I could be in class by 0730 Tuesday. It was fun. Oh, but I still needed to back up to Meade Tuesday afternoon (the car was fixed by then), still had a patient writeup to do (a planned Monday evening event), and of course had groupwork due Wednesday and a quiz Thursday. So, not having a quiz tomorrow? Is priceless. There's still some stuff to catch up on, but at least I can get a reasonable night's sleep tonight before a long school day tomorrow. TGIF.

The picture above is completely unrelated and is simply to remind me that I owe another photog some feedback on a picture. The actual photo above is from a DC United match some time ago. Duelling is great, of course, but my personal preference is to catch them chimping.


21 September 2008

Any self-respecting blog has to start out with a post about what I'm doing with it, right? Well, right or wrong, that's what you're going to get.

Things I will discuss:
  • Life
  • Photography
  • Soccer
  • Rants
  • School
  • The Universe
  • Everything (else)
Things I won't discuss:
  • Politics
  • Policy (well, most of the time)
  • Religion (again, mostly)
Why? Because I want you to keep reading. My aim is to both generate an outlet for random frustrations while at the same time providing information about photography that just isn't easily found elsewhere. It drives me nuts that so many successful photogs will develop their 'style' but reveal nothing about this to all the people whom they learned with and from for so long. Not here. Want to know something? Ask and I'll answer. Ask anything, seriously. Setec Astronomy is good for no one.

Bonus points to the first person outside of family who identifies the reference in comments below. Points aren't tracked, but they definitely make you cooler. Even better than Converse shoes. I'm serious.